Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Ahoy there matey"

Do you ever think in a different accent?

I very well may be setting myself up for people walking up to me, putting their hand on my shoulder and saying, "You need help". But I am willing to take that risk. I guess because something in me tells me that I am not the only one who does this!

For example. I am sitting here, checking facebook, email and various other things on the computer. All of a sudden I start thinking "Pirate". Why? I don't know. Did something prompt it? Not to my knowledge.

I do this most often with "Pirate" and "British".

I am mental. I said it. Now you don't have to.

Moving on to things that don't prompt you to recommend a good therapist....

We (Britt and I) FINALLY saw the movie Leap Year. After 3 times trying AND failing we made it the fourth!

1st try - Wednesday, Date night. We decide to be "grown up" and go grocery shopping instead because we had ZERO food.

2nd try - Thursday. We are exhausted!!

3rd try - Friday night. Movie = SOLD OUT. *boo*

4th try - Saturday afternoon. After purchasing tickets (In advance!) we made it to the 4:5o (Matinee!) showing. :) Was it worth 4 tries? Probably not, but it was cute and we had fun!

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