Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I need Him.

“We cannot find Him unless we know we need Him.”

My mom had a small dry erase board hanging on her refrigerator and she likes to write different quotes and verses on it. This quote is the one currently hanging. It was just what I needed when I read it.

The lord has been showing me (again! – I am a slow learner) how utterly dependant I am on Him. I try (WAY to often) to walk through this life on my own strength in my “own way”. Not to be too hard on myself but that is S.T.U.P.I.D.

In the book series I just read one of the characters is “searching” for God, the God of Abraham. He is angry with God and wants to find him to “Give him a piece of his mind!” (Funny thought!) Anyway, through a LONG process and many trials he realizes his need for God.

There is another character who consistently realizes that she needs God and lives her life in an “every moment for Him” kind of way. Even though these books are fiction they are SO convicting. I found myself challenged time after time in my walk with the Lord and what that looks like.

I admit, I more often than not neglect TRULY getting in the word. TRULY praying. TRULY seeking. It sometimes feels like a facade, a on the surface kind of thing. I find that to be more tiring then not doing anything. Maybe that is why God hates the warm believer, the fence rider if you will.

“We cannot find Him unless we know we need Him.”

Well, I know that I need Him. I want to find Him on a deeper, more intimate level.

I appreciated what a guy said in our community group last night. He said that he heard intimacy described as “In-to-me-you-see”.

I want to live in a way that the Lord can look into my heart, and even others around me can see that I am living for Him.

Do you know that you need Him?

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John and Becky Henderson said...

Remember that our faith is possible only because of HIM. Humbling to think that I respond because he reached out to me and continues to. He never lets go.... We are in a life-long process. One Day our JOY is going to be made complete!

Love God Love others