Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Being married means that there are times I cannot help but think about having children. How fun it will be to have a child of my own; to see Britt and myself through/in a child. Is it all a cake walk? I am not so naive to believe so, but I am still looking forward to it in so many ways.

I would like to put on record that I am NOT pregnant. I hesitate to post anything about kids because I am leery of the conclusion that people might draw.

I am ready to be a mom though. It is something that I believe God puts in every woman. The desire in me is so great right now. It is not the Lords time for Britt and I to have children but I am looking forward to that day with great joy!

I cannot help but wonder what kind of mom I will be. I hope to be the “fun” mom of course and I think that I will be fun. I love adventure and creativity. I thrive on spontaneity and laughter. I know that those are gifts from the Lord and things that I can use to bring laughter and create wonderful memories in our home.

When I think about kids being the good mom is not my greatest concern. I am worried about the responsibility I will have to be a Christ like example and a spiritual leader to my children. Britt, of course, if the spiritual leader in our home and he does, and I know will do, a wonderful job! I know though, that he will be a work during the day and the face my children will see the most, the character (good or bad) they will see the most will be from me.

What a responsibility.
What a privilege!

My parents did an awesome job of raising my three brothers and myself. They were amazing and spent hours upon hours talking to and teaching us. I learned from them what it meant to love the Lord with all my heart. I saw in them what it looked like to love others more than myself. I saw what it looked like to stand for what is right no matter the cost.

As I result I experienced for myself a relationship with the Lord and good relationships with other believers. I also felt the sting of persecution for standing alone. I scares me at times to think of people hurting/mocking my children some day. I want my kids to be cool, have tons of friends but even more I want them to do the right thing and often that eliminates “coolness” and so called “friends”.

I was reading a ladies blog today and she was touching on a similar subject. She has the following quote on her blog:

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something in your life."

I am working towards having this mindset for my children. I am not even a mother yet, I have not met the precious baby the Lord will bless us with, but I already feel that protective instinct of “No one hurts my kid.” But the thing is that people, other children, WILL hurt them. I will be there to encourage them and wipe their tears, but I also want to say “I am glad you are persecuted.” That sounds so harsh but it is not. Jesus told us “Blessed are the persecuted”, “In this world you will have trouble..”. I want my children to experience the blessing of the Lord and if they choose (Lord willing!) to follow Him then they will experience the hurt and persecution that comes with it but the blessing on the other side will be FAR greater!

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Jaimie Krycho said...

Interesting thoughts! I have often wondered if my children will be "cool." Not out of any sense of vicarious living or anything, but I know how hard it can be to feel alone and rejected...and I never want them to go through that. But, yeah, as time goes on, those who truly stand for Christ as first and foremost of their considerations will be opposed more and more. Hard to think about.