Monday, April 5, 2010

Catching up...

It's been awhile since I last updated. It is time for me to catch up. A lot has happened recently and I will fill you in on bits and pieces of it.

Britt got his Diploma in the mail! It was a happy day! :) He has been done with school since December but it felt so official to receive that piece of paper. The little piece of cardstock cost a pretty penny. ;)


The weekend before last Britt and I had a "Get-a-way" weekend just spending time together. We decided to get a hotel room for one night in Bricktown and it was so much fun!

Here is Britt in the complementary shuttle which happened to be a limo! It was so much fun!

And here I am in the limo!

We went to Zio's for dinner and afterwards we waiting outside for the limo. It was a rainy cold day but we didn't care and it didn't stop is from having a great weekend!


This past weekend we celebrated Easter together. Saturday we spent the day just hanging out together and having a GREAT time! Sunday we went to church with my parents, lunch at their house and then to our church that night. It was a great time with family and friends celebrating what Jesus did on the cross and the glorious resurrection!

Britt bought me a purse and an umbrella for my "Easter Gift". He surprised me and it was so much fun! I love them both!

I decided that Britt needed a "Easter Gift" too and so we went to a local consignment shop and found him two polos and a pair of shorts! We also went to Academy to get him a pair of new shoes because his other ones were just too worn out. He walks 18 miles a day and that can make a person go through shoes so fast!

We also got some plants for our patio! I love them and I am also hoping to get a hanging tomato plant! Thought it might be fun to try and I LOVE home-grown tomatoes! *Yum!* We are really enjoying our flowers though and the bright color they bring to our patio. I just love spring/summer!

Saturday night we relaxed and ate some yummy homemade pizza and drank some Raspberry Ice Tea. It was a great day having fun and spending time together. I love making memories like that together and can't wait to make many more!

I hope that all of you had a happy easter with family and friends!


Jaimie Krycho said...

Your blog makes me happy.

P.S. CUTE purse!!! I love the color!

HR said...

Congrats to Britt and I love your purse! Looks like you had a fun Easter weekend!