Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Give me a "C"!

So - For the longest time I have been trying to think of what to hang above our bed. We do not have a headboard so it really needed something and I was not sure what to do at all. Plus I was on a strict budget, it is called "Basically No Money Budget". I had been keeping my eye open for things at Ross, Big Lots, Salvation Army, etc... But I could not seem to find anything that would look good with our decor.
Well, a few weeks ago I was helping my parents paint their house. While they were doing the painting Dad decided to build new shudders too and I helped him. When we finished the building there was some extra wood left over and my creative juices started to flow. You will see below the result of the "scrap" wood! I am pretty proud of it.
I knew that I needed something to go around the "C" and so I went to the Dollar Tree (Love that place!) and I found some 5x7 frames and these then some white mats to go into them which made the picture size a 4x6. (I think that mats can really make a frame look better).
So - Check out my handy work! I am pretty darn proud of my $6 wall! That's right, you read that correctly, 6 bucks!


JG said...

Very nice!

Beth said... it when you find a good deal or do something really creative like that for very little $$$. :)

Jenny said...

Good job! You are oh-so-resourceful!