Saturday, November 1, 2008


I have been struggling the past few days. It seems like when I do something wrong I think in my mind that I cannot be forgiven. I know in my heart how untrue that is but I allow myself to believe the lies of satin. When I do this it seems as though I continue to fail. I know the reason for this is because if you believe that you have not hope of forgiveness then you allow yourself to believe there is no need to walk free of sin.

I went on a walk tonight. It was good for me. I needed time to walk and talk with my savior. He so lovely reminded me that my sins are forgiven and they are remembered no more. I must press forward and continue on. Yes, I should learn from my mistakes but not live in the burden and depression that they bring. I am redeemed! I am forgiven! I must press forward!

So, pressing forward is what I will do! I have learned how very weak my flesh is. I knew this already but I am reminded of it again. I am purposing, by the power of Christ, to walk free from my sin!

I feel a burden removed form me. It is not like this is the first time that I experienced this but it is like it is new again.

Thank you Lord for your forgiveness!

PS – You should listen to the song at the bottom of my blog – Search Me – It has truly ministered to my soul!

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