Monday, November 24, 2008

Something to Celebrate!

On Saturday evening Britt and I made it to the OU vs. Texas Tech game! I was able to get a ticket and go which I am so grateful for! We had a really great time! It was by far the craziest, most fun and exciting game that I have ever been to! At first everyone was screaming and cheering, crossing our fingers hoping that we would win.
The energy in the stadium was somewhat of a nervous energy. By the second quarter everyone was cheering still but it was more like one big party! We knew that we were going to win and it was so great! The screaming and cheering did not stop the whole time! It even continued for about 30 minutes after the game! There were several times when the whole stadium was jumping up and down! When I say the whole stadium I mean all 85,000+. We broke a attendance record that night!

I started thinking…(Surprise, surprise.) That game was in fact AMAZING! And the victory that night was invaluable to us because it is going to help determine the outcome for the Big 12 Championship! It made me think about Christ on the cross and the victory that was one the day he was raised from the dead! Though most at the time did not realize the victory I am confident that all of heaven was in an uproar cheering Him on and on! Then I started thinking how the victory won that day on the cross is leading up to the victory of His return and how He will come back to claim His bride! If we do go to the big 12 Championship and if we win as wonderful as that victory will be it will be nothing in comparison to the return of our savior. When the whole world will cheer and rejoice and fall at His feet.
That will be something worth celebrating!


Ashley Brooke said...

this is the first time ive looked at your new blog, mainly just because i forgot ya'll had a new one! lol :) but its really cute and i loved this post, very deep.

Britt and Lauren said...