Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Moving on and giving Thanks

Today is my last day at Reaching Souls International. I am feeling different things. I am excited about the new things to come. I am nervous because I still do not have a job. Please pray that I will find one soon!!! God is good though and I trust Him to provide for what I need.

Thanksgiving is well on the way. The celebrations are staring. Amongst the large portions of Turkey and Pumpkin pie remember to be Thankful. So many people today do not even believe anymore that the Pilgrims came for religious freedom. They say that they came for political freedom. *rolls eyes* That my friends is sad. The sacrifice they made was so great and it is looked upon so lightly. They would be hurt.

So, don’t forget to be thankful for this country and the freedoms that you have! I know all the talk about Obama going around and people saying that it is “over”. But still, despite Obama America is a great country! We have problems for sure and we greatly need a revival. But when it comes to choosing somewhere to live I will pick American hands down! I am still proud to be an American!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


John and Becky Henderson said...

Proud to be an American that bleeds for the country.....Only God knows what is next.

Happy Thanksgiving

give a hug to everyone that is in the Clay clan a hug for Becky and I. and say that is from us.


Britt and Lauren said...

Will do! :)

HR said...

Congrat on your last day...:) I know how that one feels! And I understand the mix of worry and excitement...the waiting. I am praying for you!