Friday, February 12, 2010

Brianna and Nate!

Last weekend our Niece and Nephew were able to come over to stay the night with Britt and I. It was such a treat because they live in Georgia since their daddy is in the Military. Britt's sister (Beth) decided to come to Oklahoma to stay for awhile since Nathan is gone for 2 months. It was such a treat to have them around (They are leaving tomorrow) and such a special time that Britt and I were able to have with the kiddo's!

We went to McDonalds and then came back to Britt and My place to make cupcakes, watch a movie and have a sleepover. The next morning we made Blueberry Muffins and watched Looney Toons. They are such sweet kids and we are so blessed to be their Uncle Britt and Aunt Lauren. It was fun to plat "dad and mom" too! 

Here are some pictures of our cupcake making/decorating!

Uncle Britt and Nathan (Nate!)

Brianna, Aunt Lauren and Nate!

                  Of course the kids got really into the whole decorating! We had color sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy and even coconut to put on our cupcakes. Brianna and Nate both got two cupcakes each to decorate however they wanted. I think that I see professional cake decorating in both of their futures. ;) hehe... 

Nate has a grin that makes you smile anytime! He is too cute! I love that kid!


These are the cupcakes that Britt and I decorated. Britt was going to see some friends at the dorm the next day and we thought they might enjoy these.   

These are the cupcakes that Brianna and Nate decorated. Didn't I tell you? Professional Cake Decorator!


After the decorating they were a little bit sticky, so a bath was in order. I remember being a kid and going to stay with other people and for whatever reason baths were ALWAYS a ton of fun at there house. Although I don't have many "toys" yet we got creative and they loved the big red cups!

And this is what I did while they were taking a bath. ;) Britt helped a lot too. He is going to be a wonderful dad someday! :)


Leslie Shepherd said...

You gotta scrunch your hair more! Totally cute hotness! :D
OH..and I LOOOOVE the picture of you and Britt on the sled that Rachael posted on her blog! :D

Beth said...

Hey...just checked your blog and love the pics. The kids loved staying with you guys and it looks like they had a ton of fun. Oh, and the cupcakes tasted really good too!