Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*Woot, Woot* Wednesday

You all know how I have talked about my love for Wednesday? If you did not know, I love Wednesday. AND - you know how everyone always posts "Thankful Thursday's" or something catchy like that? I was ready for something different, something original. And yes, I know that nothing is ever original because someone else always thinks of the "original thing" especially before me. But, I don't care! I am going to tell myself it is original! haha

So... Because of my love for Wednesday, without further ado I am proud to introduce the first blogger addition (to the best of my knowledge and at least on this blog) of:

Woot, Woot Wednesday!

* Woot, Woot *
It is not freaking cold outside!
(Dear God, Please send Summer SOON! Amen.)

* Woot, Woot *
I am doing good at drinking lots of water

* Woot, Woot *
Tonight is date night

* Woot, Woot *
I don't have to cook

* Woot, Woot *
Tomorrow is Thrusday
(aka - my Friday)

* Woot, Woot *
So far, nothing is planned for the weekend. That is just nice sometimes!

* Woot, Woot *
I finally painted my toenails!

Can someone give me a "Woot, Woot"?!?

What is your "Woot, Woot" for Wednesday?

1 comment:

JG said...

What a fun post! :) I guess my "Woot, Woot" today is that I made cookies. :) That makes me woot :)