Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes nothing is just what I need…..

When I say that I mean nothing to do. This last weekend that is what was on Britt and my schedule. Nothing. It was nice.

Friday, we went to my parent’s house to watch a little Olympics. We left by 9 and we were in bed by 10. Then, we did not get out of bed until 10. :) From there we went to ihop for a late breakfast. It was a cold rainy Saturday morning and a delicious breakfast.

The rest of the day we did nothing. We wanted movies, got on the computer, read, I took the worlds longest shower. It was bliss. Later that evening we went out to eat with Britt's sister and her boyfriend at Ted’s. I love Ted’s!

Sunday morning, we once again were able to sleep until 10. I got up and made cinnamon rolls and watched Gilmore Girls. We then went to my brother and sister-in-laws house to watch some more Olympics. (If you are wondering why we keep watching Olympics at other peoples homes, it is because we do not have t.v. channels right now so we are bumming off other people.) From Brandon and Rachael’s house we went to church and then had some good friends over for dinner.

Yes, we did things this weekend but the beauty of it is that we did not have to do any of it. It was all pretty spontaneous and I still got lots of sleep. I am grateful for nothing sometimes. I needed it this past weekend.

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JG said...

Ha! You said "Britt's sister and her boyfriend" and I thought, "Wait a second! They're both married! And then I was like, "Oh yeah, Brooke." :) Oops.