Thursday, February 25, 2010

Giveaway's and Randomness.

Here's what's up...

A blog I follow has a new URL. Check it out Here! 

In celebration of her "New Blog" she is hosting a giveaway. 

Can anyone say "Moo"?

The giveaway is all about cows and nothing to do with them! (Say what?)
People! It's a Chick-Fil-A gift card! If you are anything like me you can get excited about this!
*Does a little dance*

So, run on over to Me and My Soldier Man and enter in the great giveaway! 


Now on to other things....

* Do you ever feel like there is something that the Lord may do for/give you but you feel so undeserving? You feel like, why me? I do. He already did more for me then I will ever come close to deserving through His son on the cross and to think of Him doing more is humbling.

* We are supposed to get more snow this day/Friday. See:

Fortunately it will get "warm" (HA!) during the day so the likelihood of it sticking is not great.
The thing is, Oklahoma is not "Cold" like some places, but it is such a wet, windy cold that it cuts right to the bone and is miserable at times. I have been up north or to states like Colorado. I would take that kind of cold over Oklahoma cold.
(I am looking out the window across the hall from my office and the flag outside looks like it is going to be blown off the flagpole.)
Dear God, Please send summer soon!!! Amen.

* Trident Layers Gum is the
(Yes, I just said that.)

* Tonight is Britt and my belated date night. We are getting takeout, bringing it home and watching 24. I love me some Jack Bauer!

Happy Thursday!


JG said...

I LOVE YOUR COW PIC!! That's seriously the most hilarious thing. Nice!

What do you think of 24 this season? Like, I don't care at all about the whole blonde lady subplot. At all. But last week I finally got really into the main story. It keeps having on-and-off weeks for me.

brittandlauren said...

Why thank you! :) I Laughed when I foudn it.

As for 24, I don't care for the dana/jenny subplot either. Everytime her part of the "Story" comes up I get mad because I want to see more of the action! That is why you watch 24 anyway, right? I did have trouble getting into the plot thsi year, there were some intense points but a little slow over all at the start. I am more interested now and find myself anxious as I wait for the next episode. That was not the case for the first month.