Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice + Snow ='s 4 day weekends!

Truth - I am horrible at taking pictures. I need to work on this.

On to the post...That has no pictures.

My weekend:

* Two words - Four Days!

* Sleeping in.

* Comfy clothes.

* Fire Place.

* Good times with family.

* Coloring. :)

* Reading.

* T.V.

* Sledding.

Britt and I had a great time this "weekend". We stayed with my parents for the "storm" and it was so much fun! I did not have to go into work at all on Thursday and Britt only had to go to 1/2 day.

Friday there was no work at all which meant sleep and relaxation. We did a whole lot of nothing and it was nice! I visited my childhood and colored, a lot! I love coloring! I finished reading "Redeeming Love". A-Maz-Ing! I watched a movie and t.v. shows. I ate good food. Spent time with my nieces. Spent time with my hubby. Just being.

Saturday we decided to venture out for a while. The whole family (Brandon, Rachael and the nieces included) went to Braums for lunch, because you have to have ice cream on a snowy day, and then we went sledding! It was so fun!

Sunday we decided to go to church with my parents which was really nice and went to Pablanos for lunch with a LOT of people from church. I mean a LOT! haha... Then we went home, relaxed, watched some NCIS and then went to our church. After church we went out to dinner with a great friend who offered to pay for our meal. I was telling Britt that the Lord has really been blessing us with free food. I know that sounds funny but I am serious. Money has been tight and it is a way that the Lord is providing for us. I am so grateful.

Now it is Monday... Back to work, back to real life... I think that I am ready. I guess I better be. Session starts today which means things get a little crazier at work but I enjoy it.

If you think about it say a prayer for Britt concerning his job. He has a job but as most of you know is looking for another. Please pray that the Lord will show us where to go and that He will open the right doors in His perfect time. And until then please pray that we will be content knowing that Britt is where the Lord wants him to be.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well, that you stayed warm and were able to relax!

Happy Monday!

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