Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Woot, Woot* Wednesday!

Ladies and Gentleman, dear readers of all ages, I am proud to present the second addition of:

*Woot, Woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, Woot*
I had Starbucks this morning!

*Woot, Woot*
Tonight we are having a good friend over for dinner!

*Woot, Woot*
Since the friend is coming, tomorrow is date night!

*Woot, Woot*
We got a new shower/tub in our apartment!
It was VERY needed!

*Woot, Woot*
I was able to sit in my parents hot tub last night.

*Woot, Woot*
We got our tax return this week!

*Woot, Woot*
I am going to be able to buy the exercise bike I have been wanting!
Thank you Tax Return

*Woot, Woot*
We are going to be able to make our first payment on school loans!
And it is a big one! So it begins. :p

*Woot, Woot*
I only had/have to cook 2 times this week!

What is your *Woot, Woot*?


On an entirely different note....

I am trying/hoping to start school this fall! (Yikes!) It has been WAAAAAY too long since I was "in the books". I have been thinking about this for a while and have been hesitant to "announce" it because there are still SO many loopholes to go through. But I have faith dear reader, that if it doe snot work out you will not find me to be a looser. haha.

The biggest obstacle is MONEY. Shock! Basically, we have none! And the top priority right now is to pay off Britt's school loans, not accumulate more! However, right now with our current income I should get some grant money from FAFSA and I am also looking into some different scholarships. I am hoping to go talk with an advisor soon at my school of choice.

I am planning to attend Mid America Bible College. That is my school of choice for several reasons.

1.) The program that Britt and I hope to do overseas (If you did not know we are working towards becoming full-time missionaries) requires that I have either:
a.) 60 hours of basic courses.
b.) 15 hours of biblical/theological courses.
Since the ultimate goal is to get overseas I am going to first get the 15 hours of biblical/theological courses and then go from there with the rest of my school. I am hoping the "result" of those 15 hours will give me a minor in bible and I am hoping my bachelors will be in English, Business or Liberal Arts. I am looking into several different programs offered by Mid America that will help narrow my degree choice down. Whatever I get it will be basic and versatile.

2.) Mid America offers a GREAT Adult Study Program that will be SO wonderful for me with my current job. It is flexible and 100% online which is very nice! Plus, if I am only able to get my 15 required hours of biblical/theological and then I have to put a hold on things, Lord willing once we are overseas I can pick my
school back up because it is online.

So, that's "The plan". Still a lot to do, a lot to work on, and a lot to pray about. Basically, there is a lot! But I know that if this is where the Lord wants me he will be faithful to provide and open the right doors. I am doing what I can and the rest is in His very capable hands!


passport in my pocket said...

nice - Tax return & a dip in the hot tub? Lucky!

JG said...

Meredith is going through Mid-America, did you know that? You can probably ask her any questions since she's doing the 100% online as well.

Hot tub sounds AWESOME. Maybe I can talk my parents into firing theirs up tonight!

My Woot-Woot is only a half one. I took all my stuff the the tax guy today - so yay for that - then got there and found out I was missing things. Boo.

Jaimie Krycho said...

Woot-woot for going overseas! :) Thanks for updating us on your plans at Mid-America. I'm looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

brittandlauren said...

Jaci - I actually was aware that Meredith went there and have already started quizzing her. ;) Thanks!