Sunday, February 14, 2010

Me and My Valentine - And a good laugh!

Britt and I had a great Valentine's Day! We decided to celebrate on Saturday and it was so much fun! I woke up that morning to find Red Roses and a pair of Red High Heels as a gift from Britt. If you did not know I have wanted Red High Heels for a long time and I was so happy to get them. What a great day to wear them on too! (Take note of the color red)

After sleeping in for a while and just being lazy we decided to finally venture out. The shoes that Britt bought for me were not quite the right size so we went to the place he bought them and they of course did not have the size that I needed. Since we had blocked out the whole day for "us time" we decided to drive the 30 minute drive to another store that had my size. Of course on the way we made a sonic run as well. :)

After that we went to blockbuster to get some movies. We could not decide on anything and we ended up going to Wal-Mart to just buy two movies. One of Britt's Choice and one of mine. I think that we should make that a Valentine's Day tradition because it was a lot of fun!

We then went to Red Lobster for dinner. Britt and I both really like sea food and it has been sounding really good. Of course Valentine's Day is a day that you can splurge so we did and it was delicious! 

After that we came home and watched one of our newly purchased movies. It was such a fun day and I really enjoyed just spending it together with nothing "planned".


On a totally different note...

We found this sign hanging above the light in the walkway near our apartment door....

If you are having trouble reading it, it says:

"Do you think people get mugged and raped more often in well-lit places or in the dark? I would say more in dark places. When you unscrew this light bulb you put everyone who lives here in danger. If this light bulb inconveniences you by being turned on, I would say it is definitely not such an inconvenience as to put other people's safety at risk."

Let me just say, I laughed! haha... Apparently someone unscrewed it, which is probably not the wisest thing to do, but this response is just too funny. There it was, hanging below the light, stuck into the wall with a lady bug push pin. 

So, I would just like to say, if whoever wrote this is out there and reading this:
1.) I did not unscrew the light bulb
2.) I never planned on it and definitely never will.
3.) Thank you for making me laugh! 

Hope that was a good laugh for you as Monday draws near...

Happy 'belated' Valentine's Day!


JG said...

Have you heard of You should totally submit that there!

Very cute pictures. I have ALWAYS wanted hot red shoes like that. I tried to find some for our wedding but wound up with flip-flops instead (long story). Very pretty :)

brittandlauren said...

Thanks for the tip to submit the note to I did it and hopefully will see it on there soon!

Amy said...

awww red shoes :) that's cute! The note is sooo funny! Some people...