Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to the grind

* I am back at work and "real life" today after being sick on the couch for the majority of yesterday and the night before. 24 hour stomach bugs are far from cool. In fact, they suck. For the most part I am ready to take on the week except for being a little more tired then normal the stomach yuckiness is all gone.

* People, enjoy the weather while you can. The next few days are going to be cold and rainy. Agh.

* This weekend is our get-away weekend!!! So ready! So excited! So needed!

* Not to freak all of you out but somehow I have contacted a case of contact dermatitis - that's a fancy word for a rash caused by something that you use. I normally use BenGay when my back hurts but we were at Britt’s parents house this weekend and I used IcyHot, the result (Or at least I am blaming the IcyHot) is a rash on part of my back that is terribly annoying. I have had contact dermatitis before because I have super sensitive skin but this is just horrible. At first I thought it had something to do with my stomach bug but after research online I am sure that it is some sort of allergic reaction to something that I came into contact with and IcyHot is the only thing I can pin point. Rashes freak me out. Agh, again.

* Our car is in the shop. We are about to be $700 less rich.

I. Hate. Cars.
Minus the whole getting you places part they are retarded.

* This is turning out to be a relatively depressing post. I am going to stop now because I just realized I don't have a lot of happy information to share right now. Check back tomorrow for *Woot, woot* Wednesday. It tends to be more upbeat.


JG said...

Sorry you were sick. That stuff is going around!

Amy said...

boo for feeling sick, boo for rashes, boo for cars that cost money, yay, for you feeling better, and yay, for get away weekends! Love you