Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving no matter what

I didn’t post yesterday. The first time I have missed *Woot,woot* Wednesday. To my dear readers, I am so sorry. Basically, I was swamped at work and when I got home I was equally as swamped. Today is still busy but better. I have enough time to sit down and post.

As I was thinking what to post about I remember something that was discussed in our community group this past Tuesday that has really stuck with me….

A guy in our group said that he was talking with a friend he used to go to school with. The friend is not a believer; in fact he is an atheist. He does not like anything that has anything to do with religion. However, he is a very smart young man who enjoys any form of intellectual conversation and is willing to discus all realms of religion. Well, the guy in my group was talking with him about Christianity and his friend told him, “The problem with Christians is that they are too mission oriented. They talk about the love of God but their main goal is converts not loving others.” The guy in my community group said that really stuck with him.

Food for thought:

Jesus fed the 5000 knowing that they were there to be fed. Period. He loved them all the same even though He knew that possibly all they would walk away with his food in their belly. The thing is that there is a balance. We need to be consistent in our love for others. We should not show them love when we are only trying to “win” them and then, whether or not they receive, just stop when the “job” is done.

Not exactly sure what I think about it but it did make me think.


JG said...

I think he might be talking about discipleship, because that's true, we do have huge evangelistic events and then say, "okay, go figure it out!" Of course, there's also the branch that only wants to "love" people and if they happen to get saved, great and if not, well, at least they were "loved," which if you think about it isn't all that loving. But yeah, that's definitely good food for thought.

Jaimie Krycho said...

I struggle with treating people like projects. God has to reign me back in all the time and remind me why I'm sharing the gospel of his Son in the first place.

It's not a gold star on my "good Christian card," it's an act of love, since "we love because He first loved us."