Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Date

Britt and I went out with his Best friend Todd and the girl he is dating, Katie. We had such a great time together! Here is a small (Or maybe not so small - I got a little "photo happy") photo log. 

On our way to get Todd and Katie!

Britt Driving

Stoplight! Photo opt! Kind of cut myself out. 

So, I decided to take another of me!

Another Stop light. 

Waiting on Todd at the dorms.

Still waiting and of course we have to have a kissy pic!

Here is Todd! (fyi - today is Todd's Birthday so if you know him you should tell him "Happy Birthday!")

Todd going to get, and coming back with Katie!

Todd and Katie at Tedd's!

Britt and I at Tedd's!

After Tedds we went to the Bricktown Candy Co. We love this place and wanted to show it to Todd and Katie. It was a lot of fun picking out candy, looking around and eating yummy Geloto!
LOTS of Candy!

LOTS of Soda!

Todd and Katie split "Birthday Cake Geloto" 

Britt and I got Mango and Coconut 

Thanks Todd and Katie! We had such a great time with you! 


Leslie Shepherd said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A kissy picture! We never get to see those ones here! :P So cute! :)

JG said...

What a fun night! I really have to go see that place.

brittandlauren said...

Leslie - Whatever. There are a LOT under the "Photos" tab mostly on the "October Photo Shoot" post and a few other posts as well. :p

Jaci - You should! It is really funand the owner is so nice!