Monday, March 29, 2010

"Peace, punch, Captain Crunch"

I have had this stuck in my head:

"Brick walls, water falls, girl you think you know it all. You don't, I do; so boom with the attitude! Peace, punch, Captain Crunch, I've got something you can't touch. Boom, boom cho-cho train, wind me up I do my thing. reeses peices, 7-up, mess with me I mess you up!"
(Said with as much attitude as possible)

Yes - that is one of "those" stupid cheers that I learned in middle school and for whatever reason it is ringing in my head today. Maybe I need to go beat someone up!


I bet you didn’t know:

I would rather use a lamp instead of a ceiling light anyday.

I hate cold weather with a passion

I have never gone to the ocean on vacation.

I say the words: Salsa, Idea, Saw, and Both incorrectly.


Think I am a snob when they first meet me. (I have no clue why. I have tried to change that but I don’t know how.) Really people, I AM NOT A SNOB. I LOVE YOU!

Drive like idiots more often than not and I tend to tell them, loudly, as I am driving down the road; like they can hear me or something.

I wish I could:

Go to the beach. TOMORROW.

Each Chinese food all the time!

Go to Passion Berri!

I am:

Getting a nose ring in May!

Wearing a skirt/dress everyday to work this week. I heart this weather!

Going to have a good week! (It’s a decision people!)

Dreaming of the future and trying to trust the Lord with it.

I often dream:

Of life overseas.

That I am a lot taller than I am. – Seriously, when I sleep at night and dream I am always really tall in my dreams. Wishful thinking?

Of being a mom.

Sometimes I fear:

Making new friends.

Loosing old friends


Being rejected.


I am trying:

To get my cute, vintage bike fixed soon! Also putting a cute basket on it so that I can ride it to the store!

To learn to trust God more in the big AND little things.

To ride my workout bike at least 4 times a week.

I love:

Britt! We have been married 10 months tomorrow!

My French Dip sandwhiches.

Flip Flop tan lines!

Laying by the pool.

Basically summer!!

I can’t wait:

Until we get our White Water Bay passes!

For Britt to find a job he loves!


My Birthday! (I want new clothes! Haha)

You should know:

The Lord loves you and wants to call you His own.

I love you!

I have pictures from out “Get-Away” weekend coming soon!

You are awesome!


Amy said...

that was fun to read! But just so you know I knew most of that :) I miss you!

brittandlauren said...

I would figure you knew most of it, but glad it was fun all the same! Miss you too!

lolozgurllllll*snap**wink** blowzkisses* said...

this is really pretty just like you also i really miss you stay skini xoxo your fave babe