Monday, March 1, 2010

Out on the town!

Saturday afternoon, after leisurely getting up and doing a whole lot of wonderful nothing, Britt and I decided to do something. The question: What? Winter Jam was in town and we thought about that. After calling a few friends who could not come we opted out since concerts are, with out doubt, more fun with groups. Then we thought, why not go to a movie? We were on our way to do that when plans quickly changed. It was a beautiful day, the kind that gives you hope that spring is right around the corner. We decided to go downtown and just walk around.

We got out on the "West side" of downtown and walked all the way through to Bricktown. It was so much fun! We saw/went to:

*The Library
*The ground work for the Devon Tower
*The Renaissance Hotel
*The River Walk
*The Bricktown Candy Store (Jones Strawberry Lime Soda + Peach O's = Happiness.)

While out that day we also went to Academy where I purchased an Exercise Bike and Britt some Weights. We have been talking about getting a gym pass but just can't afford it right now (They are lots of $$$) so we decided on this. We had some money to "spend" from our tax return and that is what we decided on. Before getting married I had a really good exercise routine which quickly ended when we started renting an upstairs apartment. I
don't think our neighbor bellow would appreciate 100 jumping jack and whole work-out video routine. :p Just a guess.

Basically, Saturday was a perfect day. I loved the weather, the spontaneity and mostly the company. :)

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