Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...I went to work. It was Monday but it was a good Monday. I slept well the night before, had a good hair day and the sun was shinning promising a beautiful day!

After work I met Britt at home and we prepared to go on a date. Tea Cafe on campus corner was the destination and delicious food and some of the best tea around was the result!

Tea Cafe is located in Norman Oklahoma and they have two locations. Britt and I went to the Campus Corner Location but there is also a Tea Cafe on 1241 Alameda Street in Norman.

I had the "Ice Peach Green Tea with Boba" (aka - little tapioca balls that are really good!) And Britt had the "Ice Milk, Carmel Black Tea with Boba". There are so many options to choose from it will make your head spin; but don't worry, you can ALWAYS come back and you will because it is that good!

After eating our Chinese food and drinking the wonderful tea we headed to Salvation Army to find "something". You never know what you are going to get at Salvation Army Stores. However, they were closed, so we decided to try "Daisy Exchange" a consignment shop that I love and alas, they were closed as well. Instead we headed to Good Will. They were open! We had a fun time looking even though we did not find anything. Sometimes you score big and sometimes you don't. Just be patient and you will eventually find the prize! ;)

After that we went to my mom and dads house to watch the latest episode of 24! It was epic! This season started out a little rough but Jack Bauer is back in full form and ready to kick some major butt! I love it!

That was my Monday. It was good, relaxing and full of lots of laughs with My Love! Can't really ask for a lot more!

Tonight after work I am going home to make delicious Chicken Parmesan and then we are off to Community Group.

Happy Tuesday to you all!


JG said...

You like boba? I've tried it and I just can't get into it. :)

brittandlauren said...

I LOVE it! I like to try to see how many boba I can suck up in one drink. Sounds childish but it is so fun! lol