Wednesday, March 31, 2010

*Woot, woot* Wednesday!

Here is another addition of:

*Woot, woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, woot*
AMAZING weather!

*Woot, woot*
Dinner, coffee, and pictures with a good friend!

*Woot, woot*
Family time!

*Woot, woot*

*Woot, woot*
Hair appointment scheduled!

*Woot, woot*
BLT for lunch!

*Woot, woot*
An amazingly, wonderful, supportive husband!

*Woot, woot*
Sweet Tea!

What is your *Woot, woot* for today?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


...I went to work. It was Monday but it was a good Monday. I slept well the night before, had a good hair day and the sun was shinning promising a beautiful day!

After work I met Britt at home and we prepared to go on a date. Tea Cafe on campus corner was the destination and delicious food and some of the best tea around was the result!

Tea Cafe is located in Norman Oklahoma and they have two locations. Britt and I went to the Campus Corner Location but there is also a Tea Cafe on 1241 Alameda Street in Norman.

I had the "Ice Peach Green Tea with Boba" (aka - little tapioca balls that are really good!) And Britt had the "Ice Milk, Carmel Black Tea with Boba". There are so many options to choose from it will make your head spin; but don't worry, you can ALWAYS come back and you will because it is that good!

After eating our Chinese food and drinking the wonderful tea we headed to Salvation Army to find "something". You never know what you are going to get at Salvation Army Stores. However, they were closed, so we decided to try "Daisy Exchange" a consignment shop that I love and alas, they were closed as well. Instead we headed to Good Will. They were open! We had a fun time looking even though we did not find anything. Sometimes you score big and sometimes you don't. Just be patient and you will eventually find the prize! ;)

After that we went to my mom and dads house to watch the latest episode of 24! It was epic! This season started out a little rough but Jack Bauer is back in full form and ready to kick some major butt! I love it!

That was my Monday. It was good, relaxing and full of lots of laughs with My Love! Can't really ask for a lot more!

Tonight after work I am going home to make delicious Chicken Parmesan and then we are off to Community Group.

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Peace, punch, Captain Crunch"

I have had this stuck in my head:

"Brick walls, water falls, girl you think you know it all. You don't, I do; so boom with the attitude! Peace, punch, Captain Crunch, I've got something you can't touch. Boom, boom cho-cho train, wind me up I do my thing. reeses peices, 7-up, mess with me I mess you up!"
(Said with as much attitude as possible)

Yes - that is one of "those" stupid cheers that I learned in middle school and for whatever reason it is ringing in my head today. Maybe I need to go beat someone up!


I bet you didn’t know:

I would rather use a lamp instead of a ceiling light anyday.

I hate cold weather with a passion

I have never gone to the ocean on vacation.

I say the words: Salsa, Idea, Saw, and Both incorrectly.


Think I am a snob when they first meet me. (I have no clue why. I have tried to change that but I don’t know how.) Really people, I AM NOT A SNOB. I LOVE YOU!

Drive like idiots more often than not and I tend to tell them, loudly, as I am driving down the road; like they can hear me or something.

I wish I could:

Go to the beach. TOMORROW.

Each Chinese food all the time!

Go to Passion Berri!

I am:

Getting a nose ring in May!

Wearing a skirt/dress everyday to work this week. I heart this weather!

Going to have a good week! (It’s a decision people!)

Dreaming of the future and trying to trust the Lord with it.

I often dream:

Of life overseas.

That I am a lot taller than I am. – Seriously, when I sleep at night and dream I am always really tall in my dreams. Wishful thinking?

Of being a mom.

Sometimes I fear:

Making new friends.

Loosing old friends


Being rejected.


I am trying:

To get my cute, vintage bike fixed soon! Also putting a cute basket on it so that I can ride it to the store!

To learn to trust God more in the big AND little things.

To ride my workout bike at least 4 times a week.

I love:

Britt! We have been married 10 months tomorrow!

My French Dip sandwhiches.

Flip Flop tan lines!

Laying by the pool.

Basically summer!!

I can’t wait:

Until we get our White Water Bay passes!

For Britt to find a job he loves!


My Birthday! (I want new clothes! Haha)

You should know:

The Lord loves you and wants to call you His own.

I love you!

I have pictures from out “Get-Away” weekend coming soon!

You are awesome!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving no matter what

I didn’t post yesterday. The first time I have missed *Woot,woot* Wednesday. To my dear readers, I am so sorry. Basically, I was swamped at work and when I got home I was equally as swamped. Today is still busy but better. I have enough time to sit down and post.

As I was thinking what to post about I remember something that was discussed in our community group this past Tuesday that has really stuck with me….

A guy in our group said that he was talking with a friend he used to go to school with. The friend is not a believer; in fact he is an atheist. He does not like anything that has anything to do with religion. However, he is a very smart young man who enjoys any form of intellectual conversation and is willing to discus all realms of religion. Well, the guy in my group was talking with him about Christianity and his friend told him, “The problem with Christians is that they are too mission oriented. They talk about the love of God but their main goal is converts not loving others.” The guy in my community group said that really stuck with him.

Food for thought:

Jesus fed the 5000 knowing that they were there to be fed. Period. He loved them all the same even though He knew that possibly all they would walk away with his food in their belly. The thing is that there is a balance. We need to be consistent in our love for others. We should not show them love when we are only trying to “win” them and then, whether or not they receive, just stop when the “job” is done.

Not exactly sure what I think about it but it did make me think.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to the grind

* I am back at work and "real life" today after being sick on the couch for the majority of yesterday and the night before. 24 hour stomach bugs are far from cool. In fact, they suck. For the most part I am ready to take on the week except for being a little more tired then normal the stomach yuckiness is all gone.

* People, enjoy the weather while you can. The next few days are going to be cold and rainy. Agh.

* This weekend is our get-away weekend!!! So ready! So excited! So needed!

* Not to freak all of you out but somehow I have contacted a case of contact dermatitis - that's a fancy word for a rash caused by something that you use. I normally use BenGay when my back hurts but we were at Britt’s parents house this weekend and I used IcyHot, the result (Or at least I am blaming the IcyHot) is a rash on part of my back that is terribly annoying. I have had contact dermatitis before because I have super sensitive skin but this is just horrible. At first I thought it had something to do with my stomach bug but after research online I am sure that it is some sort of allergic reaction to something that I came into contact with and IcyHot is the only thing I can pin point. Rashes freak me out. Agh, again.

* Our car is in the shop. We are about to be $700 less rich.

I. Hate. Cars.
Minus the whole getting you places part they are retarded.

* This is turning out to be a relatively depressing post. I am going to stop now because I just realized I don't have a lot of happy information to share right now. Check back tomorrow for *Woot, woot* Wednesday. It tends to be more upbeat.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pioneer Woman - In Hollywood!

Ok People, I don't know how many of you read Pioneer Womans Blog but if you have not:

1.) You totally should!!! Hilarious, practical and just fun!

2.) Next you should read her Love Story. It is wonderful! Seriously Wonderful!

3.) Then you need to check out This Post because people, they are making a movie out of her love story!

I am seriously so excited about this and will be there to see that movie. Not only that, they are going to possibly cast Reese Witherspoon as her which makes me beyond happy!

So now, this weekend, you need to go read that love story. It is a bit long but totally worth it! Trust me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Truth:

....'nough said.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*Woot, woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, woot*
Tonight I get to eat Chick-Fil-A!
I am seriously obsessed with that place.

*Woot, woot*
I actually got more than 4 hours of sleep last night!

*Woot, woot*
Tomorrow there is a SOUTH wind, not a north wind.
I cannot even tell you how ready I am for summer!

*Woot, woot*
I remembered to wear green!
Happy St. Patty's Day!

*Woot, woot*
I actually look ok in green!

*Woot, woot*
I am 1/2 way through my work week.

*Woot, woot*
I am blessed!

What is your *Woot, woot*?


* Something that I am continually learning, the kind of think that you say, "Ah! I got it! I learned my lesson", and then a WHOLE new opportunity to learn it come along. What is it, you say? T.R.U.S.T. Trusting God to be specific. Britt and I have a new opportunity to learn it. Again. It is good though, it stretches you and grows you into someone who is more like the Lord and for that I am so grateful.

* The weekend after next Britt and I are having a get-away weekend. Nothing fancy and we are only going downtown for the night but it is still a get-away and it is needed. 2 days set aside that we say no to everyone else and just spend time together relaxing and having a good time. Sometimes even going to a hotel in the city you live in can feel like a vacation. Plus, if I stay at a hotel in my state I get a government employee discount! :)

* Did you get your Census in the mail? If so, what do you think about the part that says, "You are required by law to fill this out and turn it in"? Sometimes it scares me when I think about the direction of our government. Some people decided that they just aren't going to think about it but I have decided I can't be that person. I want to be informed, know all I can and do something when I can.

PS - If Texas succeeds I am moving there. ;) lol

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Voting on Health care bill - Or not!

Check out this link.

All I can say is:

Dear Ms. Pelosi,

Can you please tell me when you elected yourself to be God? Because I am pretty darn sure no one would have elected you, you would have had to use this so called "self -executing rule" and elected yourself.



Every Couple is their own Couple.

If I was to give someone marriage advice, in my not so expert opinion, I would tell them:

“Don’t think you will look like me or any other couple. You are your own person, your husband is his own person and together you are your own couple. You are unique and that is OK”.

Throughout my married life, as short as it has been, I have learned and battled with not comparing myself to other couples. There are ALL sorts of “couples” out there.

The serious
The giddy
The romantic
The affectionate
The lovable
The crazy
The weird
The loud
The quiet
The touchy feely
The not so touchy feely
The……. You name it!

What I am trying to say is that no one couple is alike and no matter how hard you try you will never be exactly alike. We can learn and gleam from one another’s wisdom and experience but we should learn what it looks like for us to be a couple that brings the Lord the most glory.

Sometimes I feel like couples will look at other couples and think “Wow – They never show affection in public, they must not love each other as much as I love my husband/wife” or “Wow – My husband takes me on a date night every week and her's does not, they must not love each other like we do” maybe “Wow – they are so giddy all the time, eventually it is going to wear off and they will realize they don’t have anything serious in common like we do”. Basically the list could go on and on…

I would like to say for the record:

1.) I love my husband with every fiber of my being. I would do ANYTHING for him, I love him more and more everyday and will until the day I die. I am hopelessly in love with him and I am a hopeless romantic.

2.) Just because I am not like you does not mean you are more happy or more in love. That is just a lie.

So – For those of you who feel the way I do, don’t let other people tell you, whether with words or actions, that you have to be like them to be happy. Yes, learn from others and soak in the wisdom of those who have gone before you; but don’t think you have to live a life of comparing yourself to others.

And if you are not married you can still think about this. Look at other couples, find out what you like and don't like and learn from it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What defines you?

I have a lot of thoughts going through my head right now. I have a lot to say and I don’t really know where to start. I am going to just say it and hope that in some way it comes together and makes sense.

I feel that sometimes, the main excuse being that we are human, we allow our past to dictate our future.

We talk so much about things in our past we don’t like, whether it is legalism or liberalism. We say how much we hate judgment. We have all felt judged in one form or another, whether because we were legalistic or liberal. The thing is that not matter where we are in life SOMEONE is going to think we should do something different. We can’t let that define us.

Sometimes I feel that people are SO turned off to people telling them “Do this, not that” that they don’t ever listen to anyone. That is not right.

Sometimes people have felt so judge by those same people who say, “Do this do that” that they start living their life like everyone is judging them and out to get them. In turn, we become judgmental ourselves.

I have found myself doing this. I get so turned off to judgment that I jump to conclusions (aka – judge others) thinking that everyone is judging me. It is a vicious cycle. We become the person we hate.

God has really been showing me what love is recently. That he was judged, mocked, ridiculed and despised. For some he was too liberal and for others to legalistic. Jesus was judged. Yet he did not go out and tell everybody of how he was wronged, he didn’t update his facebook status or blog with these “raging feelings” (not that there was facebook or blog, but you know what I mean). He simply turned the other cheek and showed those people love.

Why? How? Because He knew who He was. He knew who His father was. And the thing is, we do too. We are joint heirs to the throne. We are complete in Him. We are adopted, loved and redeemed. What other people think and say does NOT define who we are. So the question that keeps ringing in my head is WHY DO WE LET IT DEFINE US??? Why do we hold on to hurts of the past and not let them go? We say “It is so hard”, “I was so hurt” and “It’s not that easy”. But the thing is that the Lord has provided us every grace and all the strength necessary to move on, forgive and in turn love those people back.
Don’t let the past define your future. If you do then you are not taking advantage of all that Christ offers you. You are a prisoner to your past which is far worse then whatever it is that you hate; because you are giving into what you hate.

So ask yourself “Who is Christ to me?”

In church last night we talked about this and 11 attributes of God:

1.) Loving – 1 Jn 4:10, Jn 3:16, 1Cor. 13:4-8

2.) Caring – 1Pet 5:7, Matt. 6:26

3.) Forgiving – Heb. 10:7, Col. 1:4

4.) Compassionate – Deut. 4:31, Ps. 103.45

5.) Giving – Rom 8:32, Jm. 1:17

6.) Understanding – Job 12:13, PS 139:1-2

7.) Accepting – Rom. 15:7, Ps 139:1-6

8.) Pursuing – Lk. 19:10, 1 Tim 1:15, 2:4

9.) Approachable – Is 1:18, Prov 3:5-6

10.) Righteous/Just – Heb 12:1-6, Jer. 9:23-24

11.) Sovereign – Ps 103:19, Rev. 1:8

The thing is that you are an heir and you are made in the image of God. Therefore, all of these attributes are made available to us through Him and you are able to extend the same grace and love that the Lord so graciously extended to you.

Instead of living in the past and letting it define you, let the attributes of God define you and push you forward. Know who you are in Christ and live it out!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheer up! :)

Yesterday was a hard day. In fact this past week was a hard week. When I got home from work Britt had these beautiful roses waiting for me. :) It is amazing how something like this can brighten a day and now they get to brighen our whole apartment. He did a wonderful job!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Date

Britt and I went out with his Best friend Todd and the girl he is dating, Katie. We had such a great time together! Here is a small (Or maybe not so small - I got a little "photo happy") photo log. 

On our way to get Todd and Katie!

Britt Driving

Stoplight! Photo opt! Kind of cut myself out. 

So, I decided to take another of me!

Another Stop light. 

Waiting on Todd at the dorms.

Still waiting and of course we have to have a kissy pic!

Here is Todd! (fyi - today is Todd's Birthday so if you know him you should tell him "Happy Birthday!")

Todd going to get, and coming back with Katie!

Todd and Katie at Tedd's!

Britt and I at Tedd's!

After Tedds we went to the Bricktown Candy Co. We love this place and wanted to show it to Todd and Katie. It was a lot of fun picking out candy, looking around and eating yummy Geloto!
LOTS of Candy!

LOTS of Soda!

Todd and Katie split "Birthday Cake Geloto" 

Britt and I got Mango and Coconut 

Thanks Todd and Katie! We had such a great time with you! 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

*Woot, woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, woot*
2 beautiful days in a row!

*Woot, woot*
For fellowship!
*Woot, woot*
Double date with good friends!
*Woot, woot*
For days when I actually have inspiration.
(unlike right now)
And that, dear readers, was by far the lamest addition of *Woot,woot* Wednesday to date. *Sighs*
Never the less, happy Wednesday and enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thinking about him...

Sometimes I joke how this is “Britt and Lauren’s Blog” but really just me, Lauren. The thing is that Britt is apart of this blog because he is apart of me. And today I am thinking about Britt. We are not a really “mushy” couple in the way that some are, just because that is not us. When we are with other people we make a point to be with them and not in our own little world. Not that it is the only way to do things, or the right way but because it is what we feel we should do. But today…today I feel mushy. Today I want to take a moment, give a shout out, tell the world just how wonderful I think the man I am so blessed to call my husband is. Today is not a “special day” (i.e. anniversary, birthday, holiday…). It is just a regular old day, but no matter the day I find more and more that my love for him grows and it is wonderful!

I am thinking about him today and how we have been married for almost 9 ½ months. Thinking about the fact that 1 year is so close; right around the corner. He is so different from me; sometimes it is frustrating but mostly wonderful! Thinking about how tall he is and how I always knew that I would marry a tall man. Thinking about the lines around his eyes when he smiles - I love those lines. Thinking about evenings together, just the two of us, when we sit and talk, laugh, cry and just be. The way that I still feel to this day when he holds my hand or puts his arm around me; the way I know I will feel even 20, 30, 40 years from now… I don’t tell him enough how wonderful he is and I don’t express enough how much I love him; because I could never express it enough. He is just that wonderful.

Monday, March 8, 2010

- The Weekend -

Friday Evening:

Britt and I went out to dinner with Britts parents and younger brother. We went to Bricktown and had some good Mexican Food at Chelions. From there went to the Bricktown Candy Co.  I love that place!

After leaving Britt's parents house we went over to some friends house to talk, catch up and soak in the hot tub. It was a lot of fun. In fact, we were there until 2:30am and the time flew!


We slept in. Who wouldn't after going to be at 3am. After getting up and around we packed a picnic lunch and went to Lake Hefner for a fun date! It was a little chillier out that we expected but we had a great time none the less and made wonderful memories. After the Lake we came up, cleaned up a bit and then went out to the mall and grabbed some dinner. We also rented a Movie (Although it was VERY sad) we had a great time and a fun day together!


We woke up and started cleaning and cooking because we were having company for lunch! We had:

* French dip Sandwiches
* Potato Salad
* Fritos
* Italian Sodas.

It was very yummy and lots of fun to spend time with new and old friends! :)

From there we went to church and heard a excellent sermon by our pastor, Dave. It was convicting and a good reminder to show patients to people and forgive. I know the Lord really used it in my life.

Britt and I were just talking about how we have grown closer together in the last two weeks. We really have! We have faced some trials recently and it has knit our hearts closer together and I am so thankful for it. He is such a wonderful husband! I am so thankful for him and the encouragement that he is to me on a daily basis!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

*Woot, Woot* Wednesday!

*Woot, Woot*
Lunch date with good friends!

*Woot, Woot*
Dinner date with wonderful husband!

*Woot, Woot*
The excitement of things to come!

*Woot, Woot*
Sunny all week/weekend!

*Woot, Woot*
Diet Dr. Pepper!

*Woot, Woot*
Finding my glasses!

*Woot, Woot*
Good Hair Days!

*Woot, Woot*
Saved, Loved, Redeemed!

What is your *Woot, Woot*?


Monday, March 1, 2010

Out on the town!

Saturday afternoon, after leisurely getting up and doing a whole lot of wonderful nothing, Britt and I decided to do something. The question: What? Winter Jam was in town and we thought about that. After calling a few friends who could not come we opted out since concerts are, with out doubt, more fun with groups. Then we thought, why not go to a movie? We were on our way to do that when plans quickly changed. It was a beautiful day, the kind that gives you hope that spring is right around the corner. We decided to go downtown and just walk around.

We got out on the "West side" of downtown and walked all the way through to Bricktown. It was so much fun! We saw/went to:

*The Library
*The ground work for the Devon Tower
*The Renaissance Hotel
*The River Walk
*The Bricktown Candy Store (Jones Strawberry Lime Soda + Peach O's = Happiness.)

While out that day we also went to Academy where I purchased an Exercise Bike and Britt some Weights. We have been talking about getting a gym pass but just can't afford it right now (They are lots of $$$) so we decided on this. We had some money to "spend" from our tax return and that is what we decided on. Before getting married I had a really good exercise routine which quickly ended when we started renting an upstairs apartment. I
don't think our neighbor bellow would appreciate 100 jumping jack and whole work-out video routine. :p Just a guess.

Basically, Saturday was a perfect day. I loved the weather, the spontaneity and mostly the company. :)